We tailor our sophisticated solutions to your organization's specific needs and requirements. Our tools accurately analyze your business processes in order to discover compliance gaps and business inefficiencies, and allow you to properly manage your international trade regulatory and business risks by creating effective internal compliance controls. Please download more information from the links below.

The partners at Jackson Meade provide sophisticated and client-tailored international trade solutions to companies with complex global trade operations. We were practitioners at some of the world's largest international companies, financial institutions and law firms, and bring that level of experience, quality and project management to our clients at a reasonable fee structure. Our experience and leveraging of technology allows us to provide strategic solutions for numerous international transactions, including:

                   Export Controls

                   Economic Sanctions / Restrictive Measures

                   CFIUS Audits and Reviews

                   Import Compliance

                   Nuclear Export Controls

                   Other Trade and Finance Matters

​                   ​ 

As a boutique trade management firm we can provide our quality services without the burden of large overhead and sunk costs that larger law firms and consulting companies must operate under. As a result, we can provide you with the solutions your company needs to remain operationally compliance and efficient without wreaking havoc upon your legal and compliance budgets.

Strategic International Trade Consulting